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Strategy & Consulting

eCommerce has developed so much that it’s often asking to running a business within a business. It has its own marketing needs, operational needs, buying needs, financial needs and so on. As a result, the complexity of work requires a more detailed approach to strategy and that’s where Shopgency can help.

Web Design & Development

Using our insight gained from solid strategy and planning, our UX and visual designers collaborate in creating elegant, impactful user experiences across a diverse range of platforms and challenges.

Digital Marketing

We have a dedicated marketing team whose sole focus is creating innovative digital strategy, campaigns and content for brands.

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Data Analytics

Looking for a multidimensional view of your customers’ behaviour?

Our Data Analytics team uncovers game-changing data and works with our creative, strategic, and technology resources to target the right audience and create converting experiences. Our insights will help you discover higher quality traffic, identify the most profitable data segments, and accelerate your revenue growth.

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